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Let’s get the tram home, shall we?

Posted by Doctor Suarez On October - 7 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Edinburgh Trams have been up and running for a good nine months now since their glorious completion earlier this year and they haven’t looked back since. Residents and tourists alike lined the streets showing their appreciation of this city’s most prized asset before getting home promptly in time for X-Factor courtesy of their shiny, new and environmentally friendly chariots. This, as the informed reader will know, is bollocks. The reality is that the trams have brought unparalleled misery into... Read the rest of this entry »

Amy Winehouse: Talent Combustion

Posted by Doctor Suarez On July - 26 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

The life and death of Amy Winehouse has proved a bona fide exposition of the fragile and combustible nature of unbridled talent and the fame that accompanies it. Unfortunately, the manner in which media vultures circled around her imperilled existence, coupled with the self destructive streak that came to define Winehouse, made her premature death almost inevitable. What sticks in the throat even more, however, is that her reckless lifestyle was documented to the extent that it threatens to overshadow... Read the rest of this entry »

Is someone getting married or something?

Posted by Doctor Suarez On June - 1 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Friday the 29th of April, if you’ll believe BBC News, saw the whole world come together in rapturous celebration of Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s matrimonial union. Church bells across the country peeled in divine approval, swans in national parks around the country performed death defying feats of formation flying to honour the newly weds and squirrels even fashioned tiny trumpets out of paperclips and nut shells in order to blast out a fitting fanfare for our future king and queen.... Read the rest of this entry »

The definitive guide to Tarot cards..Not!

Posted by PlasticNelly On July - 29 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Here at the editorial premises of NBN we are intrigued by various fortune telling methods. They have never really worked for us (lets face it – if it had we would be sitting on a beach somewhere being waited on hand and foot ) However, being openminded and mindful of potential greater forces at play, we decided to give Tarot cards a go. We thought of a specific question and picked 3 cards at random and laid them out in a simple past-present-future configuration. As the name indicates, this... Read the rest of this entry »

Cats that look like Hitler

Posted by PlasticNelly On July - 27 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Just as a little treat, here are some of our favourite lookalike cats. Apparently cats that look like Hitler are a big hit in USA and we bring some of the favourites here. Oh and just because we are nice we have thrown in a sheep as well that looks like Hitler – see if you can spot him. Send in your guess and you might win a No Bad News t-shirt. Before we proceed to the stars of USA, we thought you would like to see our very own favourite ugly cat- which of course bears no resemblance to the... Read the rest of this entry »

Monster Star Is Master Of The Universe

Posted by Spartacus On July - 24 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

So you thought our sun was big? Well you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! A huge star a staggering 320 times the size of the Sun has been found by scientists – and quickly labelled the biggest ever discovered. The UK-led team behind the incredible discovery – headed by Professor Paul Crowther – has also said the giant star is around 10 million times brighter than the Sun. Using the European Southern Observatory’s aptly-named Very Large Telescope and Nasa’s... Read the rest of this entry »

This video comes without any real requirement for comment. You all remember the farting dinos and the stinking pig? Well, watch this and have yet another splendid belly laugh!  Read More →

Flying donkey stunt on Russian beach

Posted by intoxicated On July - 20 - 20101 COMMENT

Russian beachgoers were left bemused after a Donkey was forced to parasail as part of a marketing stunt. Eyewitnesses reported hearing the Donkey in much distress, however it landed safely, albeit somewhat roughly. The donkey filed a police complaint on the scene and the businessmen responsible can now look forward to feeling the full extent of Russian justice.  Read More →

Mitchell & Webb Exclusive Web Content

Posted by El Nacho On July - 20 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Are you worried about the threat of Terrorism? Fear not, Mitchell & Webb have provided this handy guide: view more here : The new series of the comedy show ‘That Mitchell & Webb Look’ can be caught every Tuesday on BBC2 at 9pm.  Read More →

Weekly Horoscopes

Posted by PlasticNelly On July - 19 - 2010ADD COMMENTS

Check what the the stars have in store for you this week: Aries (20th Mar – 20th Apr) People are finding you difficult and stroppy at the moment. You are angry because you haven’t won the lottery yet and feel unfairly treated by society in general. Want, want, want…Stop spending your money on shite, dear Ram. Taurus (21st Apr – 20th May) You drink far too much at the moment, Mr Bull. Get a grip and go to your AA meetings. Your mother-in-law will send you poison pen letters.... Read the rest of this entry »